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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How does this program work?

The Courtesy Coffee program is a winner because everyone involved WINS

Courtesy Coffee secures agreements with businesses that have moderate to high "walk-in" traffic.  We provide the business with courtesy coffee in exchange for advertising space on a kiosk.

  • The program is FREE to the host business, so it is a win for them.
  • The coffee is high quality and fresh for the consumers (and free), so it is a win for them.
  • The sponsors (advertisers that pay for the program) gain valuable and "feel-good" visibility in front of potential clients and referrers, so it is a win for them.
  • Courtesy Coffee has a profit margin in the process.  It is a win for us.

2. How much does it cost for a business to become a sponsor?

The costs of sponsorship vary by the level of sponsorship and the location of the kiosk. 

3. Why should my business become a sponsor?

Got a Question?

Create warm friends with a hot cup of coffee!
Become a Business Sponsor a local area Courtesy Coffee kiosk.
More than 50% of the American population drinks coffee everyday. Over half of your clients are probably coffee-drinkers.

Serving Courtesy Coffee will improve your relations with your clients because it is a simple and tangible expression that you are thinking about them.

They have come into your establishment to do business and offering them a cup of fresh coffee demonstrates your good manners.

When your location is serving Courtesy Coffee, it will be high-quality and fresh - so offer it to them freely and confidently!
Over 50% of the people that will do business at locations that serve courtesy coffee are coffee-drinkers.

This means that many of them will be stopping by the Courtesy Coffee service area. Once there, they will see that you are one of the location's business sponsors and will be able to take your card with them.

They will appreciate the fact that you are helping to buy them a cup of fresh, hot coffee!

A1 Small Business Marketing will bundle your Courtesy Coffee sponsorship with bonus services that will make it easy for you to justify your investment.
A1 Small Business Marketing is seeking self-motivated, well-groomed and positive people that are looking for careers or stable, secondary income.

    Are You:

  • Self Motivated?
  • Well Groomed?
  • Positive?

If this describes you, we invite you to get in touch with us.

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