The Moral of the Story Is ...

When you quarrel someone else gains.

The Monkey and Cats

It was the aftermath of a big festival. Two cats were prowling together. One of the cats saw a big cake and missed. The other jumped up and picked it.

The first cat said, “Give me the cake. It is I who saw it first.”

The other cat said “Keep away from it. It is I who picked it up.”

They were fighting and fighting. But there was no solution. Just then, a monkey passed by. He thought “What foolish cats they must be! Let me make use of this chance.”

He came to the cats and said in a loud voice. “Don’t fight. Let me share the cake with you both”. The cake was handed over to the monkey.

The monkey split the cake into tow parts. He shook his head and said, “Oho! One is bigger. One is smaller”. He had a bit of the bigger and now said “Oho! This has become smaller now”. He ate from the other. And thus, he went on eating from part to part and finally finished the whole cake.

The poor cats were disappointed.

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Sponsor Free Coffee Service

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